Elfi methodology

Absolute Precision and Quality with Micro-housing and Single-family Homes through Absolute Precision and Quality of Comprehensive ELFI Beach Resorts and La Fleur ELFI…  SUCCESS IS IN THE DETAILS!


When you think of ELFI Integrated Systems and Solutions,

three words come to mind:  Precision, Quality, Symphonic. These are achieved by INTENSIVE and INTRINSIC, ATTENTION to DETAIL.  Only thorough, thoughtful and collaborative exchange of ideas and planning with the Stakeholders will define ELFI’s course of action, and applied processes and methodologies, for crystallization, formulation, planning, development and optimization for each Custom-planned and integrated, ELFI Project or Program.

As an ELFI Home

is a compartmentalized integration resulting in a structural and energy-efficient system, so are large projects, such as ELFI Senior or Veteran Living Communities, Beach Resorts or La Fleur ELFI.  Only the number of components will vary.  ELFI, as an integrator and optimizer, is experienced and skilled in the art and science behind each core-competency and component.  It’s our job to know how and why each component functions for optimal performance.  AND, how and why each component, when incorporated into a system, complements, enhances and optimizes the adjacent components. AND, how and why each component (or, components integrated into a micro-system) impacts and optimizes the entire system, as a whole (gestaltic methodology)!!!  It is also important to understand that ELFI’s processes, methods and systems are both, Dynamic and Kinetic.  Whereas, each are living, breathing mechanisms and systems within systems that change when optimized, to strengthen and perform at enhanced and optimal levels, when a new component is added, and are systemized.

So, what is ELFI’s Methodology?

ELFI defines our Methodology as systems within systems, within a system of broad principles or rules, and processes, from which specific methods or procedures may be derived to interpret or solve different problems within the scope of a particular discipline, resulting in integrated, sustainable, substantive, tangible and intangible, positive outputs, impacts and outcomes. Unlike an algorithm, ELFI methodology is not a formula, but a set of practices and systems. 

Customized Methods…

From a single-family home, as engaged by the prospective homeowner, to La Fleur ELFI, as engaged by a Real Estate Developer or a Government, the result will be the same energy-efficient, green, sustainable, precision-integrated, quality-driven, high-performance, high-impact, endless etc., SYSTEM.  Obviously… Scope, methods, scalability, adaptability, number of micro-systems within the macro-system, integrative processes and applications within the systems, the number and utilization integrated teams, and many other variables and parameters impact approach, process, methods and systems of utilization.

Core-competencies and role distribution, and the absolute necessity for cooperative collaboration, concepts, questions and defining details, crystallization, formulation and planning…  Attention to detail, communication and mutual-understanding and acceptance, is Mission Critical.

After Initial Scope and Parameters are disclosed to ELFI, whether it be concept, preliminary or well-defined project parameters, ELFI will meet with Stakeholders and with each party responsible for each core-competency/skill-set separately, or in related groups, or as a group of all active Stakeholders in real-time, setting expectations and establishing expanded parameters. Collaborative, cooperative, interactive communication is paramount. Collectively, all parties must be on the “same page”, synchronized, like a symphony.

  • As an example, for a Single-family Home, within the Concept Crystallization and Formulation Phase, before the Architect finalizes any drawings.  It is imperative that ELFI meet, collaborate, and establish an agreed upon cooperative understanding with, up-front:       
    • Homeowner or Initiator, General Contractor/Builder, Architect, to ensure that everyone is on “same page” and in coordinated agreement.  And, depending upon level of specialized parameters (such as loads), this would include a Structural Engineer, as well.  
  • As an example, for large projects, such as Beach Resorts, core-competencies/skill-sets are multiplied exponentially, and are on a higher scale, and from the beginning the Master Planner and ELFI must cooperate, coordinate, plan, develop and optimize, with shared-vision and collaborative and communicate throughout the entire systemized process, through implementation and execution.

ELFI will provide the professionals who fulfill and facilitate any core-competency/skill-set, or will be pleased to work closely with those professionals provided by the Stakeholders.

No project given a template strategy from one entity to another entity to simply implement will optimally succeed in any building development or socio-economic program.  Steps, stages, phases and teams vary by/with composition and timeframe. Thoughtful and comprehensive ELFI collaboration with Stakeholders and coordination of all components (known up-front, and discovered through process) first, will eventually result in an optimized plan, that is both actionable and operational.

High-performance, high-impact, energy-efficient, “green and sustainable” building projects, programs, and sustainable socio-economic outcomes and impact are at the forefront of our areas of expertise, optimized through our cross-cultural management methodology and cross-sector experience.  It is important to understand that although our approach, process, method-system may seem extraordinarily detailed, and that is because it is extraordinary.  However, that does not mean that it is time and cost prohibitive.  Empirically, the overall time saved by intense attention to detail up-front and within the beginning stages of engagement eliminates delays and reduces the time and cost, through implementation and execution.  Our system eliminates the gaps and voids that usually occur in the typical heuristic economic development approach, as ours is a holistic and gestaltic system. Total project cost-benefit analysis for ELFI Technology-based comprehensive solutions confirm unprecedented energy-efficiency, life-cycle cost reduction and accelerated return on investment through ELFI’s streamlined, integrated, customized and systemized process & methodology. 

Our system may seem complex to those who retain twentieth century thinking. However, for ELFI and our Strategic Partners, and “like-minded” professionals, our systemized approach, processes, and methodologies are a common-sense integrated and blended symphony of efficiency.

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