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ELFI’s pre-fabricated, custom-engineered exterior wall and roofing panels offer an authentic “green and sustainable” alternative with verifiable financial returns and qualitative benefits that leave traditional wood-frame, CMU block construction and pseudo-green technologies where they belong – back in the 20th century.

Pictured are two examples of ELFI’s Commercial and Residential Structures from 2003.



ELFI products and processes are state-of-the art in the green-building, construction market. Our competitive advantages include:

  • In combination, ELFI wall and roofing systems alone deliver annual energy savings of 40-60% over traditional construction methods.
  • With ELFI component-centric buildings construction time is reduced by two-thirds.
  • Because the two primary materials are steel and EPS, there is never a problem with termites, mold, mildew, or warping, and there are no ozone-depleting chemicals.
  • ELFI load-bearing components can be utilized up to nine stories and curtain walls to unlimited height.
  • All the raw materials are commodities and all components are common construction items. The configuration, combination, and ELFI methodology are what deliver the differentiating advantages.
  • Integration with like-minded systems produces a superbly insulated and lightweight exterior building envelope with high-impact, high-performance and energy-efficient results.

About ELFI

Founded in 2002 by George Modrovic with his associates, the company, ELFI Wall System (EWS) was established as a state-of-the-art energy-efficient, green and sustainable building envelope (wall and roofing) panelized system manufacturer.  EWS’s component-based system begins with a light-gauge steel and EPS proprietary product which is pre-engineered and pre-fabricated through a streamlined and exclusive process.  The company’s history is a systematic plan of innovation, evolution and technology.  Upon evaluation, results indicated that ELFI had perhaps developed the most energy-efficient building envelope in the world.  With the leadership of Mr. Modrovic, everyone knew that this was only the beginning, and the natural progression and expansion ensued.

Undeniably, the 21st Century is energy-centric.  Having mastered the Wall and Roofing System (building envelope), Mr. Modrovic then set the course through Research and Development for expanding ELFI’s capabilities by optimizing and integrating additional complementary, proven technologies that would enhance ELFI Systems to maximize energy-efficiency, beyond the Wall and Roofing System alone.  Empirically, the ELFI-based System began realizing an 82% reduction in utility costs, first in retail stores, by utilizing this approach, process, method and system.

Because ELFI Technologies is unlimited in adaptability and scalability, and ELFI innovation and optimization are always ongoing, over the years ELFI’s Research and Development has expanded its advantages with established capabilities for net-zero-energy and off-the-grid buildings, to tourism and resort development, to urban and master planning, to entire community planning and development, which has culminated with La Fleur ELFI, and La Fleur-based initiatives.  La Fleur ELFI could very well become the global standard for green transition, energy-efficiency and sustainability, Sustainable Development, and healthy and responsible living.  Meeting, or exceeding, all Global Standards, through customized, responsible, transitional implementation planning (targeted “just” strategy and framework), with technologies-based approaches, processes and methods, ELFI is the now, and future, for Sustainable Development.

ELFI’s Systemized Components and Technologies

With energy-efficiency foremost, ELFI’s integrative component-based, system of products, methods and processes are state-of-the-art in the green-building construction market, and ELFI Systems are integratable with all efficiency-focused advanced technologies, products and systems.

Green Technologies

High-Performance, energy-efficient, “green & sustainable” building projects in any sector do not have to be complicated nor expensive.

Energy Efficiency

Building Envelope alone to total system integration with additional green-centric technologies, every project will yield optimal energy-efficiency.


Home Buyers with custom desires, builders, developers, and architects all rely upon ELFI’s expertise for energy-efficient and green-building technologies, including our ability to combine ELFI components with enhancing technologies, like solar or geothermal systems, steel floor joists, in-floor heating, insulated concrete foundations, and more. Clients seek superior products with reductions in overall project cost and contract us for our customized components and our expertise to be utilized in their construction projects and developments.

Domestic and International entrepreneurs and companies appreciate ELFI value and superior products, processes, methods and systems, as well as, training and operations expertise, and seek to develop their own ELFI-based manufacturing business.  This opportunity enables clients to produce and market ELFI products, as well as, integrate ELFI’s comprehensive systems into their construction activities in their own country, or region.

ELFI is also contracted for planning, engineering integration, coordinating, developing, and innovating, through execution and post-implementation and compliance, having comprehensive oversight and authority for Project or Program Optimization to ensure the continuity and integrity of objectives and outcomes. ELFI collaborates and acts on behalf of clients for establishment of “best-in-class and practice”, “right fit” systems facilitation, and process and materiel optimization, as well as, coordinating, collaborating and managing other firms within the Project or Program.

ALL ELFI Projects and Programs are evaluated, planned, customized, optimized and executed after first having a thorough understanding as seen through the eyes, vision and culture of each individual client.  

Countries with current ELFI involvement:

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Slovakia

Energy-Efficiency. Environmentally-Responsible. Disruptively-Effective.

Humanity is at the center of the ELFI high-performance promise, and all present and future goals are focused on improving the human conditions.
Sustainability Now with ELFI Building Systems and Solutions!

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