Customized Optimization

ELFI Customized and Energy-Efficient Solutions…

Ensures Optimized Planning for High-Performance, High-Impact, Energy-Efficient, “Green and Sustainable” Building Projects in any Sector.  ELFI’s systemized optimization for each project or comprehensive development plan ensures that every initiative program is actionable and operational.  Total project cost-benefit analysis for ELFI-based comprehensive solutions confirms unprecedented energy-efficiency, life-cycle cost-reduction and accelerated Return-on-Investment through ELFI’s streamlined, integrated and customized processes, systems and methodologies.


 with Institutional Integrity

ELFI serves three major markets and each has its own unique business approach, process, method and system, and even systems within systems, when and where applicable:

  1. Clients who seek superior products with reductions in overall project cost contract us for our customized components and our expertise to be utilized in their construction projects and developments;
  2. Domestic and International entrepreneurs or companies who appreciate value and superior products, processes, methods and systems, and seek to develop their own ELFI-based manufacturing business to produce and market ELFI products, as well as, integrate ELFI’s comprehensive systems into their construction activities in their own country, or region; and,
  3. ELFI is contracted for planning, coordinating, and developing through execution and post-implementation and compliance, with the comprehensive oversight and authority, in a Project or Program Optimization Capacity to ensure the continuity and integrity of objectives and outcomes. We collaborate and act on behalf of clients for establishment of “best-in-class and practice”, “right fit” systems facilitation, and process and materiel optimization, as well as, coordinating, collaborating and managing other firms within the project.

Gathering each market’s intelligence is an art and a science all at once, optimized holistically and by gestalt.



Customized Single-Family Homes to La Fleur ELFI…  

Customized on the front-end, but cost-efficiently and effectively replicable…

 Initially Custom-engineered, based upon easily replicable housing development, or sub-division, profiles for Builders and Real Estate Developers who would like to standardize housing choices for their customers, ELFI will mass produce Wall and Roofing Systems (NOTE:  During mass production initiatives, there is always an option for modifications.)  From on-demand manufacturing to Regionalized Warehousing for US-based Builders and Real Estate Developers, having replicable templates and designs significantly reduces costs. From single-family home template-based programs to Large-scale Development Projects and Programs, Sub-divisions to Beach Resorts and La Fleur ELFI, ELFI serves as a Building and Business Optimizer, from concept to sustainable implementation and execution. ELFI’s business model is adaptable, scalable, and flexible to generate growth in revenues and profits.

Globally, the demand for “energy-efficient”, “low-carbon”, “green”, “environmentally-friendly”, and sustainable” construction,

collectively or in any combination, has realized an explosive necessity. Energy-efficiency, local manufacturing employment, and rapid deployment are issues that both governments and private sector employers are eager to learn about and implement in dozens of countries. The numbers can be difficult ascertain, yet exciting, to grasp. As an example, ELFI has agreements in the planning stage for tens of thousands of residential units, internationally.  In the United States, similar housing initiatives are being discussed. In most of the international initiatives, if we are to build anything close to sustainable 21st century needs, we must go vertical. We do not want to replicate single-family American suburbs, circa 1960’s style. Internationally, four-story buildings are an ideal cornerstone for projects of this magnitude. ELFI has optimized the structural design concepts, and we are positioned for deployment.  What an opportunity!!!  Again, the key operable term here is Sustainable Optimization!

ELFI Building Systems and Solutions are custom-engineered and optimized to provide versatility.

 In that, structures built with ELFI include, but not limited to:  New construction, renovations, remodeling or retrofits, affordable housing, market-price single and multi-story residential, custom villas, commercial, schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, office and multi-use, light-industrial, controlled temperature (e.g. cold storage), hotels and resorts, agricultural, produce, storage and warehousing, municipal projects, urban planning, community development to La Fleur ELFI, and more. Ultimately, if energy-efficiency and cost-effective solutions are the objective, through thorough cost-benefit analysis for any project of any scope, ELFI will collaborate with the project’s architects, engineers and planners to provide a custom-optimized solution, within any parameter and criteria.   There is neither company, nor any product or system combination that exhibits a challenge to ELFI flexibility, and energy-efficient optimization, when compared through a true side-by-side analysis.

ELFI ensures

state-of–the-art, high-performance, energy-efficient, green and sustainable housing and developments, utilizing energy-efficient building technologies that are equally applied and optimized for a governor’s mansion, as is equally applied to a single-family home in the Affordable Housing Sector.  ELFI establishes access to superior and optimized building technologies for communities that previously did not have access, or awareness of access, to these optimized building solutions. ELFI further seeks to facilitate and optimize opportunities: Skilled labor creation, job training and career-based internships, academic and student-athlete based incentives, collateral development, as well as, to simply and purely address community needs, within the community, for the community, and through strict and efficient ELFI guidelines, parameters, process and methodology, for every community-based initiative.  ELFI seeks to cooperate with all community organizations that share the same vision and engagement principals, as mentioned.   As collective priority with our Strategic Partners, ELFI will facilitate and develop optimized quality and energy-efficient, housing and other community-critical opportunities, equally accessible to every citizen of the community.

ALL ELFI Projects and Programs are evaluated, planned, customized, optimized, and sustainably executed after first having a thorough understanding as seen through the eyes, vision and culture of each individual client.

*** A business ecosystem is the network of organizations—including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies, and so on—involved in the delivery of a specific product or service through both competition and cooperation. The idea is that each entity in the ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable in order to survive as in a biological ecosystem. (Source: Investopedia)