Energy efficiency


The explosive growth of ongoing and increasing demand will drive enormous energy needs and strain U.S. and Global resources. This challenges energy companies to increase production and builders to deliver more efficient structures. These pressures will increase every year, exponentially. ELFI can relieve much of that pressure. With increasing demand for “green and sustainable”, there are very few (less than 5% by most estimates in the U.S.) buildings constructed each year that can meet that criteria. Most builders are lost in an archaic mindset, using antiquated technologies and materials, or builders that utilize “some” energy-efficient components, or loosely use “green and sustainable” terminologies, which, in reality, they are only misleading the market, the funding sources, and ultimately the occupants.  

There are many unconventional construction systems marketed today (e.g. SIP panels, concrete precast panels, steel/foam prefab panels, straw-bails, hemp-based). None of these products delivers the combination of load bearing capabilities, insulation, and construction time performance of ELFI systems. ELFI’s typical energy savings for heating and cooling are in a range of 40-60% when compared to traditional construction. Year after year, one ELFI-building tenant – (Denny’s Restaurant), in one of the shopping strips constructed with ELFI building components, documented energy savings compared to their other two locations: This restaurant’s energy payments in the ELFI structure are an average of 82% lower than the other two!!!    

The 21st century is all about energy and raw materials resources. With ELFI Building Systems and Solutions, energy-efficient and zero-energy/off-grid buildings are an easily attainable and economically feasible reality.