Green Energy Collaborative

Green Energy Collaborative (GEC) was founded more than ten years ago for a triple purpose:

  • To educate local construction professionals, homeowners and general population about “green” energy-efficient building systems and options.
  • To link energy-efficient, green and sustainable technology providers to synergize and multiply educational opportunities, marketing advancement, and in-field implementation.
  • To substantively effect energy-efficient, green and sustainable change of methods, expand opportunities, and enhance innovation and “disruptive technologies”, while ensuring positive global implications.

This has been an incremental, but steady, process of growth and expansion for the GEC.  With the overall lack of understanding, funding and educational resources, this has been a challenge.  ELFI welcomes and appreciates these challenges.   

With the tremendous market capacity now and incredible projections for energy-efficient, green and sustainable construction, the GEC receives many inquiries for inclusion in the GEC.  However, the GEC’s industry definitions are rather rigid, and market opportunities have fostered a rise of quasi- or pseudo- “green and sustainable” companies.  By any empirical, or even logical, definition of “green or sustainable”, many of these companies are not.  Further, these companies market that they provide “energy-efficient and green systems”; however, they only provide partial solutions or have large voids in their capabilities scheme, and they make exceptions.  These companies, with their solutions, will try to make “true green” assertions, but if a company claims to be “green and sustainable”, the criteria cannot be compromised.  ELFI and the GEC ensure energy-efficient and sustainable, green building technology and capabilities, and we expect our partnerships to support and promote the same ideals. 

Please check back frequently with our website, in this section, and our Strategic Partnership section, for ongoing updates regarding the Green Energy Collaborative.  If you would like more information about joining the GEC, or are interested in becoming an ELFI Strategic Partner, please enquire through our “Contact ELFI” page.