La Fleur ELFI

Innovative Planning – Socio-economic Development – Comprehensive Sustainability. The New Global Standard for Urban Planning

Working with leading urban planners, ELFI has designed a unique urban, architectural concept – “La Fleur ELFI” which minimizes and eliminates car transportation inside the development, creates walkable areas, utilizes solar power for most of the energy needs…

La Fleur ELFI is the most comprehensively green, sustainable development.

ELFI building components will be manufactured locally anywhere in the world, will be competitively priced, and will provide an accelerated construction process.

There are many technical, construction and innovative “built-in” approaches which will further reduce development cost, and maintenance, as well as, operational expenses. Two examples: Using permeable materials for ground coverings reduces sewer capacity; and, utilizing DC current produced by solar panels directly, instead switching to AC, eliminates current conversion losses, low voltage distribution eliminates fire hazards, and with no need for copper wiring, this substantially reduces energy consumption. These are only two examples, as there are a host of many.


One of the essential features of a La Fleur ELFI development is the reliance on a mass transportation system, rather than individual automobiles. For each development, this system mode will be customized, as we evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Mass transit connections, convenience, cost, efficiency, reliability and integration into an existing urban area are superior for these advanced technological times, and the with the elimination of carbon emissions of the automobile, this provides carbon economy transition protocol, and a plethora of added value and benefits.