Strategic Partnerships

Do you share ELFI’s Sustainable Vision and Mission?

Do you value energy-efficiency?  Do you value green and sustainable initiatives?  Do you value socio-economic sustainability, equitability and efficacy?  Do you value health, wellness and the environment?  Do you value children and the elderly?  Do you value the creation of career and job opportunities for veterans and the economically challenged?  Do you value innovation in technologies and processes?  Do you value constant and continuing optimization (making things better, rather than complacency and mediocrity)?  Do you value seeing the positive effect and impact that you personally, and your company or your organization, have on your market, communities, constituencies, or “people” in general?        

Can you, or your company or organization, identify with, or with additional effort, have a positive impact with, or for, any of the above?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, then answer the ELFI CALL to SUSTAINABILITY. Make the Call (or email)… Participate, contribute, make a sustainable difference.


Sharing ELFI’s Sustainable Vision and Mission… ELFI Strategic Partners contribute with ELFI Sustainability Initiatives through a host of Integrated Opportunities.  Some of our Strategic Partners are integral within our day-to-day Business Systems and Operations.  Some of our Strategic Partners actively participate and/or contribute for specific Sustainable Initiatives.  Some of our Strategic Partners are “ELFI ONLY” with their sustainable building developments.  Some of our Strategic Partners are “INVESTORS ONLY”, for ELFI Manufacturing, Eco-development and Master Planning Initiatives, and/or ELFI Innovations, Research and Development.  As ELFI, as an Organization, and ELFI’s Energy-efficient Building Systems, Sustainable Solutions, and Master Planning Initiatives are all Customized, Integrated and Systemized; so are ELFI’s Opportunities to Participate and/or Contribute with the ELFI Organization, for United States and Global Initiatives.

ELFI Strategic Alliances Program is another manner by which ELFI answers our “call to sustainability”.  ELFI Strategic Alliance are companies who share our Energy-efficient, Green and Sustainable, Vision and Mission. ELFI looks deeper into the companies and organizations who we purchase from for our U.S. Made equipment, products, supplies and services. ELFI will utilize these relationships, our Preferred Business Network of businesses and organizations of share-principles, first and foremost.  These purchasing relationships with our ELFI Preferred Business Network further extend to ELFI Strategic Partners and our Green Energy Collaborative. (link this to the Green Energy Collaborative page)

As ELFI’s Building Systems, Development Solutions and Master Planning are Integrated and Systemized, when and where applicable parameters are conducive, due diligence is conclusive, and thorough evaluation analyzed, and, integrative solutions and absolute transparency are intact and satisfied, ELFI will entertain, componential or comprehensive, Horizontal and/or Vertical Integration, under the Ownership and/or Management, of ELFI.     

ELFI is interested in Partnering with companies and organizations whose interest is in “Real-impact” Sustainable Development.  “Real-impact” Sustainable Development, is inarguably one which integrates “all” humanity-related elements:  Economic, social, cultural, environmental, educational, political and essentially, all aspects of personal and public life are combined into one “sustainable system”.

ELFI IS a BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM…  A business ecosystem is the network of organizations—including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies, and so on—involved in the delivery of a specific product or service through both competition and cooperation. The idea is that each entity in the ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable in order to survive as in a biological ecosystem. (Source: Investopedia)

Prime Examples of ELFI Strategic Partnerships:


International Business Development Corp (IBD Corp)

specializes with the development of various overseas ventures. IBD focuses on Real Estate Development, Manufacturing Facility Establishment for Advanced Technologies, Distribution and/or Process Improvement for Local Existing Businesses, and Support of Advanced, Industrial Production.


Lightning Strike Global, a Texas “Series” LLC, optimizes business, organizational and entrepreneurial opportunities through direct consultation and collaboration with LSG proper, LSG Sectors/Series or LSG Strategic Business Partnerships/Alliances.  Through LSG consultancy, oversight and direction, LSG facilitates and Optimizes Sustainable Socio-economic Initiatives through its multi-competency expertise and talent within their organization. LSG provides accessibility for business/organization entities to engage opportunities which they normally would not have the assets, nor resources, nor expertise, to facilitate.  Given that sustainability attainment for domestic and global initiatives can be elusive.  LSG enhances and optimizes each initiative through collaborative investment for initiative success through global network positioning, application, development of core-business fundamentals, cultural awareness, and an understanding of local, as well as, multi-national business environments. LSG provides business institutions and optimized sustainability that are uniquely Lightning Strike Global, and uniquely ELFI-LSG.  LSG and ELFI have worked synchronously since LSG’s establishment in 2013.


Integrated Solutions Technology, provides a complete suite of IT services, from Website Development to Online Marketing Campaigns through Business-IT Solutions, Systems Integration, and Program Management Solutions. IST, as a Division of LSG, and soon to launching its own IT company, engages globally, based upon need and parameters.  IST and LSG custom-systemizes through Business-Technology Convergence, as single-source facilitator of IT-related development, security, applications, platforms, features and functions, as well as, for business, economic and community development and/or growth, optimization. IST and LSG’s collaborative “holistic-systems” seamlessly blend into one powerful solution and secure cost-efficient, effective, productive and profitable results for each client. IST has collaboratively served ELFI, and ELFI’s Strategic Partnerships, since 2013.


Educational Financial Benefits, is a catalyst for NEXT-LEVEL CAPITAL. With EFB there is no excuse for missed opportunities.  EFB is the source, bridge and catalyst who provides path and access to the capital needed by for-profit and non-profit entities, as well as, comprehensive socio-economic development initiatives to enable NEXT LEVEL capabilities, advantages and benefits toward, or to ensure, sustainability. EFB collaborates with ELFI, and for ELFI U.S. and International Initiatives, as well as, with ELFI’s Strategic Partners since 2015.