Historically, companies that fail to innovate, fail.  There is a long list of once very powerful, and household name companies, that simply do not exist today.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the quote that is widely credited to Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Nobody can speak of ELFI without using the word “innovation”.  ELFI and INNOVATION are inseparable, and, many say synonymous.  From ELFI’s establishment in 2002, ELFI’s technologies’ innovation and innovative approach, processes, methods, and systemization development have been an ongoing “way of life and business”.  Even, as we believed, having created the most energy-efficient, green and sustainable, building envelope (wall and roofing system) on the planet, that was only the beginning.


and with continual innovation and optimization in mind daily, full utilization of resources can include total system integration of green-centric technologies to yield further energy-efficiency of green-building structures. As only one example, we integrate seamlessly with advanced, pV-low-voltage systems, and other non-conventional energy technologies to deliver “zero-energy/off-grid” structures.


ELFI is globally recognized, not only for our premier stand-alone energy-efficient building envelope and comprehensive total system integration, but also as a global authority, for Project or Program Optimization capacities to ensure the continuity and integrity of objectives and outcomes. We collaborate and act on behalf of clients for establishment of “best-in-class and practice”, “right fit” systems facilitation, and process and materiel optimization, as well as, coordinating, collaborating and managing other firms within the project, and further program enhancements with our Strategic Partners and Business Ecosystem. 


in addition to all of the above, as described in the Opportunities Section within our website, is our globally scalable and adaptable, Factory and Operations Establishment (make this a green link to this section) that is readily deployable, everywhere in the world.

Within this Section of our website, we introduce and define:

ELFI’s Responsible Construction defined.

ELFI Methodology, which describes our Sustainable Processes Methodology, and our Comprehensive and Systemized Integration Section, that provides a visual understanding.

La Fleur ELFI, an all-encompassing program which is the future of Sustainable Planning and Development.