A World of Sustainable Opportunities with ELFI…

“IF” you believe in substantive impact for energy-efficiency, green and sustainable products and systems, sustainable development, carbon to green economy transition, and you seek to effect “responsible” change locally or globally, and you are a person of action (not just words)… ENGAGE ELFI!

With “transition”, “action”, and “systemized optimization” being the operable words, ELFI fills in the gaps and voids with actionable and operational, systemized planning and development for a world that is greener and sustainable for healthier living now, and for future generations… ALL while strategically and tactically stimulating, optimizing, or creating GREEN ECONOMIES for CUSTOMIZED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: One green project at a time; one like-minded, Strategic Partner, Influencer, or Decision-maker at a time; one new employee at a time; one new career created at a time; one sustainable Project Charter established at a time; one Sustainable Development, Master or Urban Plan at a time; one sustainably optimized village, town, or city at a time; one state, territory, region, country, or continent, strategically transitioned at a time; one system of economies at a time…

The global carbon to green “transition” is on a “massive scale”.  As ELFI is scalable and adaptable for all global parameters, ELFI is prepared to engage on a massive scale.

ELFI engages with like-minded business professionals, influencers and decision-makers***

who share our vision, mission, principles, values through our integrated and systemized, interconnected and interactive, collaborative and cooperative, innovative and impactful, as rigidly defined (meeting, or exceeding, all Global Standards), through a customized, responsible, transitional implementation planning (targeted “just” strategy and framework), with technologies-based approaches, processes, methods for sustainable development.  Further, it is understood that the ELFI Framework upholds the principles and pillars of Sustainable Development, with Socio-economic Development that is a localized and comprehensive creation of “real” living wage jobs and careers, digital economies transition, positive and predictable contagion effect with economies optimization, and with zero compromise to local values and integrity.

***For a world that is greener and sustainable for healthy living now and for future generations… one project at a time, one Strategic Partner at a time, one employee at a time, one village or town at a time, one Master or Urban Plan at a time… We partner with:

  • Steel-Related Companies (ELFI Tech utilization of light-gauge steel; a core component of our building systems)
  • Expanded Polystyrene Foam Manufacturer (Utilized as an ELFI-Tech, customized-unique, insulation method)
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Architectural Firms
  • Urban and Master Planners
  • Private, Municipal and Value-Added Sector entities that are positioned to fill a void within a low-carbon economy transition
  • Governments, Corporations, Companies and Entrepreneurs that seek benefits of Sustainable Development
  • ELFI is Globally Responsive and open to ALL enquiries of shared-vision!

ELFI, beyond our unique manufacturing, manufacturing licensing and consulting,

because of the steady increase in ELFI demand globally, because ELFI has successfully effected positive change in the industry and positively impacted peoples’ lives since 2002, and because ELFI’s integrated and systemized technologies and methodologies are comprehensive, innovatively advanced, and logically and sustainably applicable anywhere in the world, ELFI has evolved as an Innovator, Facilitator and Planner, into the Master, and Urban, Planning and Development Spectra:

ELFI Building Systems & Solutions has developed a uniquely innovative Master/Urban Sustainable Development Plan

– Globally Adaptable, Scalable, Optimized La Fleur ELFI, the architectural concept which reduces, if not completely eliminates, car transportation inside the development, creates walkable areas, utilizes solar power for most of the energy needs, AND integrates with local communities, towns and cities… a “true green”, Sustainable Development with localized ELFI manufacturing and operations, which always includes ELFI’s “built-in”, accelerated “build-up” processes, and optimized systemization expertise.

Borne from experience and necessity with ELFI’s Urban Planning in Africa, for Sustainable Development…

LEARN MORE about WHY and HOW is La Fleur ELFI IS the NUMBER ONE CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR for Optimized and Sustainable Tourism Destinations, and Sustainable Resort Development; AND, WHY you should engage ELFI, if you are interested in real Sustainable Resort Development, and HOW you could have the opportunity and be eligible to participate with ELFI’s La Fleur Master Planning, across the globe.


Cogitate for a moment…

What if there was a resort that had a plethora of hotel choices, restaurants/cuisine from around the world, entertainment from around the world, holistic health and wellness treatments from around the world, age appropriate designated areas for “fun” for children and teens (separate from adult only), integrated access to community/village/town/city “everything” outside the perimeter of the resort, and much more… AND, you never had to drive or hire a car, or have to book special transportation arrangements, to bring you to your destination of choice for the evening, if you want to “explore” off the resort property?

Interconnectivity, No Limitations, Real Sustainable Resort Planning and Development… La Fleur ELFI!

(Enquiry through our Contact ELFI Page.)

Through ELFI’s customizable, adaptable and scalable, living, breathing, always optimizing, and sustainability and innovation-centric charter,

systems and networks are a way of life (institutionalized) for ELFI.  ELFI is continually optimizing (dynamic), growing stronger through interconnectivity (kinetic) by blending and integrating systems, solutions and Strategic Partnerships, through our ongoing innovations and systemization for optimizing sustainability and sustainable development, establishing continuity, and strategic and tactical application (not just words):

  • As Sustainability and Sustainable Development are comprehensive, interconnected and integrated, and humanity at the center of ELFI’s high-performance, high-impact, and sustainability promise, all ELFI present and future goals are focused on improving the human conditions through constant and consistent innovation for, and with, technological systems sustainability, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic sustainability.

This is ELFI’s Call-to-Action for Energy-efficiency, Carbon to Green transition, through our targeted “just” strategy and sustainability framework, and localized, Sustainable Planning and Development…

Opportunity is calling.  Do you have what it takes to answer the call???

Think “Outside of the Conventional”!  Think Precision Engineering, Integration and Planning. Think Advanced Technology and Methodology Systemization.  Think Sustainability.  Think Sustainable Development.  Think Factories and Operations.  Think Planning and Management.  Think Strategic Partnership.

Think ELFI Building Systems and Solutions!!!


“Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed.”

-Václav Havel (30 years ago, Czechoslovakian, Velvet Revolution)