Next Level Customized

If you can conceive it, ELFI will achieve it. Believe it!

The initial most important and challenging collaboratively interactive stage of the ELFI Building Systems and Solutions’ model and process system is in the concept crystallization and formulation phase and pre-planning stage, and assisting the client to understand no-limit, applied creativity, innovation, optimized integrated technologies, and thinking outside the conventional.

Because… with ELFI, there are NO LIMITATIONS!


Unbridle your thinking!  For your home, business, and housing and development projects and programs, with ELFI, you will have access to a NEW WORLD of Possibilities, with NEW BREED Integrated Technologies!!!

ELFI’s Sustainability, Abbreviated Checklist of Our Guarantees…

  • Customized Adaptability and Scalability
  • Energy-efficient
  • Thermo-efficient
  • Green
  • Sustainable
  • Optimized
  • Advance and Disruptive Technology
  • “In the Dry” with Building Envelope Only
  • Recycled and Recyclable
  • Small Carbon Footprint
  • Structural Integrity
  • Weatherized (by design)
  • Ease and Speed of Build
  • Near Elimination of On-site Waste
  • Life-cycle and Cradle-to-Cradle Applicable
  • Five (5) Continents
  • U.S. Manufactured Equipment
  • Cost-effective (Energy-efficiency and RTO = Faster and Greater ROI)
  • Positive and Responsible Environmental and Socio-economic Implications
  • Systemized and Comprehensive Innovation, Integration, Experience and Expertise



ELFI’s Optimized Business Ecosystem

Since 2002… ELFI is a Chicago-based manufacturing, engineering, and consultative service provider of integrated, energy-efficient, green and sustainable, materials and methodology. Energy-efficient infrastructure begins with ELFI custom-engineered and manufactured, environmentally friendly, climate responsive prefabricated wall and roofing systems. Expanding upon our load-bearing wall and roofing system, ELFI provides comprehensive process integration of additional high-performance building solutions. From basic-design structures to zero-energy, off-the grid projects, ELFI combines structural steel framing and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam insulation into one energy-efficient solution. ELFI’s integration process evaluates other light gauge steel components and additional highly insulated systems, functions and capabilities for potential inclusion in total solution implementation. The ELFI result is a single, light and highly thermo-efficient building envelope. This comprehensive integration of resources and technologies yields the highest energy-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective structures available today. ELFI’s customized, adaptable, scalable and flexible approach to the structural design of building envelopes provides for maximum performance resulting in life-cycle cost-reduction and accelerated return on investment while enhancing architectural creativity.


ELFI Building Systems and Solutions are custom-engineered and optimized to provide scalability, adaptability, and versatility for U.S. and Global Markets. ELFI is always customized, except when clients create (customized up-front) template-based programs. Whereas, client customizes template options, and may make ongoing custom-modifications after program launch.
Structures built with ELFI include, but absolutely not limited to: New construction, renovations, remodeling or retrofits, affordable housing, market-price single and multi-story residential, custom villas, commercial, schools, assisted living facilities, veteran community living complexes, churches, synagogues, mosques, office and multi-use, light-industrial, controlled temperature (e.g. cold storage), micro (tiny) homes with or without “wheels”, hotels and resorts, agricultural, produce-centric storage structures, greenhouses, storage and warehousing, multi-use sports’ complexes, hockey rinks, municipal projects, urban planning, community development, smart city planning, La Fleur ELFI, and more. Ultimately, if energy-efficiency, cost-effective and responsible solutions are the objective, through thorough concept through execution optimization and planning for any project of any scope, ELFI will collaborate with the project’s architects, engineers and planners to provide a custom-optimized solution, within any parameter and criteria.


Save your cookie-cutter for baking in your kitchen…
Always customized!
Always integrated!
Always energy-efficient!
Always green!
Always sustainable!
Always optimized!


If you can conceive it, ELFI will achieve it. Believe it!