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Are you ready to be Energy-Efficient, Green and Sustainable? After all, there is no PLAN(et) “B”! ~ OWN YOUR OWN ELFI ~ United States and International Opportunities for Purchase of an ELFI Manufacturing Plant and Operations, at YOUR LOCATION THE VALUE of ELFI MANUFACTURING, and OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS and PLANNING, with REAL SUSTAINABILITY TODAY, for OUR CHILDREN’S TOMORROW

Energy-Efficient & Sustainable, Integrated Green Building Systems & Solutions

Complete & Comprehensive Building System Optimization for

Low-Carbon, Green-Economy Transition


ATTENTION: United States and International entrepreneurs and companies who appreciate value and superior products, processes, methods and systems, and seek to develop your own ELFI-based manufacturing business to produce and market ELFI products, as well as, integrate ELFI’s comprehensive systems customized for your construction activities in the United States; or, any country, state, region or municipality, globally.


Customized, sustainable, scalable, adaptable and replicable within all global parameters, ELFI Building Systems & Solutions establishes Manufacturing Plants, Operations, and Urban Planning  in the United States and Internationally, as an engineering and consultative integrator of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, climate-responsive, pre-fabricated and pre-engineered, sustainable construction and development that precision integrates and optimizes every building initiative, and enhances local socio-economic benefits across the globe.


Customized, precision, proprietary, efficient, effective, strategic, and streamlined… Beginning with a three-stage manufacturing process that has “fewer moving parts”, which ultimately facilitates an investment establishing high-impact and high-performance building solutions, for lower cost for exceptional capabilities, advantages and benefits, with ELFI custom-localized manufacturing and operational solutions.  ELFI’s sustainable programs facilitate the training for skilled, and well-cross-trained-interchangeable shop floor employees, additional training and education programs, operational optimization, sales and marketing planning, proprietary and precision engineering, localized urban and community geo-specific planning, and ELFI methodology and integrate-ability experience and expertise transfer. Each establishment of an ELFI Manufacturing Plant and Operations provides custom-localized ELFI Technologies that is cost-effective, efficient, universally integrative, easily scalable and adaptable, and predictive. 

With ELFI, QUALITY and PRECISION are ABSOLUTE.  From in-depth analysis before ELFI Manufacturing and Operations are established, through factory build and operational optimization, through production and in-field execution, and ongoing post-implementation evaluations, ELFI demands precision, quality, transparency and perfection.  ELFI ensures this through rigid training, development and leadership programs.  With absolute attention to Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and On-going Communication and Feedback, ELFI ensures QUALITY and PRECISION at every step, stage, phase, action and interaction.

Every Factory and Operational Establishment provides ELFI disruptive and integrative technology, whilst empowering local socio-economic capabilities, advantages and benefits for each U.S. and Global location. ELFI Programs empower your executives and employees; provide access to ELFI Strategic Partnerships for materials, products and services; facilitates endless building options for your clients (affordable housing to Beach Resorts to La Fleur ELFI), and ultimately enables sustainable and healthy-living environment for the people who reside and work within your structures.  THIS is YOUR Locally-owned, ELFI Manufacturing and Operations.

Whether you would like to establish your ELFI Manufacturing and Operations in the United States, or anywhere in the World…

ELFI is, or will be, where you are, and where you want to be!!!

Where is ELFI today?

ELFI is currently operating on Five (5) Continents, and within the following countries: United States, Slovakia, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and India.


Will YOU establish and own the next ELFI Business in the United States?

Will YOU own the next ELFI Business within YOUR country?

Or, will YOU be the FIRST in YOUR country to establish an ELFI Business?

Become part ELFI’s Energy-efficient, Sustainable and Green FAMILY, today!

Establish NOW…

Our ELFI Business Establishment model, approach, process, method and system, collectively establish “technology with experience and expertise transfer”. With ELFI Business Establishment Programs, we are not selling a product in the traditional sense. We establish Manufacturing and Operations, teach and train the latest, most advanced, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing and construction technology. With ELFI Technology, and with local labor and materials that are sourced from local suppliers, full utilization of local talent and resources, structures are built faster, are energy-efficient, minimize waste and improve profits and ROI, while having a positive tangible and intangible socio-economic impact on/for local economies.  YES, “significantly”, Rapid-Build-Technology (RBT) means Rapid-to-Occupancy (RTO) which equals faster Return-on-Investment (ROI), all while establishing superior structural integrity and energy-efficiency, as well as, additional comprehensive local benefits.

Opportunities that Provide Direct and Immediate, ELFI Manufacturing Plant and Operations, Positive Sustainable Impact:

U.S. and International Companies and Entrepreneurs who work directly within the Real-Estate Development/Construction Industry, within the U.S. and Internationally, establish new and localized ELFI Plants and Operations that will provide precision customized components and expertise to utilize in construction and development projects – ELFI manufactured components are directly supplied to a construction site. 

U.S. and  International Companies who seek to expand and develop their existing business to include and own their own ELFI-based manufacturing business to produce and market ELFI products, and integrate ELFI construction systems into their existing construction systems and activities – ELFI manufacturing license, complete and comprehensive set-up and training, anywhere in the world.

Establishing ELFI Operations can include Urban/Master Planning – 21st century demands traffic gridlock elimination, energy-efficiency/conservation, creation of “smart cities” for every income level of society, locally, across the globe. 

Construction Companies and Builders who would like to establish “Mobile ELFI Factory and Operations” can expand their business by manufacturing locally “on-site” for large Development Projects.  This Program was developed for the U.S. Market, but could be deployed anywhere in the world.

U.S. and International Developers, Construction Companies and Builders who seek a specific “template-based program”, ELFI will collaborate with you to establish ELFI Manufacturing and Operations for large developments, and a regionalized warehousing system for larger countries, such as the U.S.

ALL ELFI Manufacturing, Operations and Master Planning Program Establishment are customized based upon Local U.S. or Local-Global Parameters through intensive evaluation, with absolute transparency, and NO LIMITATIONS!


As ELFI Systems and Solutions are integrated, so are every socio-economic development initiatives. Every country’s (U.S. or Global) current company portfolio provides the opportunity for customized integration with ELFI technology, engineering and expertise which will enhance local capabilities and expand local market share wherever ELFI Manufacturing and Operations is established, as well as, capitalizing on the dynamic “energy-efficient” momentum in the sustainable and green-building sectors, and green economy development, with the incredible benefits of environmental and socio-economic responsibility.

Through an ELFI customized assessment, which requires absolute transparency, and a customized implementation framework, companies and/or countries, have an opportunity to benefit from ELFI building technology, process and methodology. ELFI also engages with governments (e.g., affordable housing and municipal buildings), and building or real estate industry visionaries who seek to develop energy-efficient building initiatives for their domestic markets, while enhancing their capabilities for international market penetration. Companies or corporations that have the desire, resources, and capabilities to own their own ELFI business, business division, or enhance their current proficiencies, can facilitate the attainment of full development potential, in any country.

ELFI, an innovative SME, provides a common-sense, economically feasible, holistic methodology to energy-efficient, green and sustainable building initiatives.  Public and private sector, through carefully balanced strategic alliances, focusing on core-competencies, together we enhance energy-efficiency capabilities toward low-carbon, green economies, through ELFI’s sustainable, across-the-board cost-effective planning.  With ELFI precision-integrated, high-performance, high-impact, approach, process, and systemized methodology of building solutions, all is evident in bottom-line cost-reductions at all levels of engagement, and faster ROI for investors, while the achievement of maximum energy-efficiency is realized in every initiative.

ELFI’s tactical holistic approach is cost-benefit analytical and feasibility-factor-driven through developmental processes and strategic implementation that will foster a positive gestaltic result in each initiative, every time, for every engagement. Through collaborative alliances and partnerships of shared-vision, scope, method, cooperative planning, and goals, together we facilitate sustainable, substantive energy-efficient outputs and outcomes, and maximum tangible and intangible socio-economic benefits.

ELFI’s strategy correlates with current country and financial institution priorities. Addressing the voids within any government-led transition to low-carbon, green economies becomes more effective by utilizing a relationship with ELFI to facilitate direct positive impact within the value-added sectors, such as technology and manufacturing. Through collaboration with ELFI, more advanced, and developing, economies are poised to benefit and overcome associated challenges by utilizing ELFI to enhance and optimize the gestalt, by bringing precision, leading-edge, integratable, energy-efficient building technology, expanding the manufacturing base, skilled labor creation, and establishing a host of additional positive externalities, through ELFI’s innovative and comprehensive capabilities, advantages and benefits for immediate, intermediate and long-term growth.    

An ELFI, Universal Example, from Concept to Pre-development and Development; and, the Importance of Comprehensive Planning for Factory and Operations Establishment, and Large Initiative Coordination:

Leadership of municipalities, regions and countries must ensure a balance between formulating a plan, which can be time consuming and financially exhaustive, and mobilization through implementation of a sustainable plan. Adapting a concise, but comprehensive sustainability plan for their specific requirements, resource allocation and context, a city or a region can achieve rapid progress for plan development through implementation. By design, when developing a country-wide plan, or regional plan, each municipality and region must be evaluated separately and customized, to capture all diversities within each engagement. There is not a single program that would capture all unique dimensions of inputs for scope and method development that could be applied for comprehensive plan achievement, without a complete impact assessment.

Environmentally and sustainability-centered plans must be created from local-impact realities and executed in the dynamic local-inhabitant reality, not from government bureaucratic rigidity.

Goals and principles that ELFI employs:

  • Foremost for comprehensive representation is to have a complete understanding of those whom are affected; from local private citizens, communities, villages, towns, cities (understanding every facet of the foundation of a country) to the leadership within each of these entities, to the decision-makers in the Capitol.
  • Providing the current population of the relevant city, region or country, as well as future generations, with a cleaner, healthier, safer, more nourishing and sustainable environment.
  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change.
  • Incorporating local inhabitant feedback and understanding; promoting equity and shared responsibilities among different cities and regions, as well as, the different constituencies within the city, region or country for the formulation of a successful, sustainable plan.
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation.
  • Moving toward environmental goals while still achieving economic growth and embracing population growth variables.
  • Weighing costs/benefits to maximize the efficacy of measures.
  • Developing solutions that complement the specific conditions, history and traditions of the city or region.
  • Developing connectivity to surrounding cities and regions; equitability in infrastructure development.
  • Developing solutions that are consistent with international principles and encourage international cooperation, while fostering local development toward integrative, positive-impact globalization.
  • Promoting public participation and education, and ensuring transparency in the formulation, development and implementation of an equitable and sustainable plan.

ELFI Sustainability Planning is an integrative and unifying INCLUSIVE process:

This involves a cross-section of “people”.  To ensure REAL SUSTAINABILITY, ELFI’s Master Planning requires effective involvement of many stakeholders. ELFI evaluates all impact-related variables and parameters, and works with “people” from diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities.

Stakeholders are, or could/should be:

  • Elderly/children.
  • Citizens/taxpayers.
  • Impacted residents.
  • Employees/workers.
  • Public officials.
  • Affected organizations/interest groups.
  • Community leadership.
  • Religious leadership.
  • Education leadership.
  • Sports/recreation leadership.
  • Traditional societies and their own hierarchical, leadership.
  • Other decision-makers and Influencers.


ELFI incorporates, and in specific circumstances, manages resources, such as people, time, money, land, and infrastructure. It is useful to carefully identify resources, constraints and conflicts. For example, land use planning may identify areas unsuited for certain types of development due to risks such as flooding, inadequate infrastructure, or their environmental and cultural values.

Due to elevated demand from inquiries through the last five years, ELFI has been increasingly incorporating Comprehensive and Integrated Systems and Program Solutions, with the application of the concept of sustainability. This refers to comprehensive, strategic planning that explicitly considers long-term and indirect impacts, such as those in matrix below. Sustainability planning strives for development (increased quality), rather than growth (increased quantity), and recognizes resource constraints and ecological risks, such as fossil fuel over-utilization and climate change.

Sustainability Factors (abbreviated)


Resource efficiency
Cost internalization
Employment and business activities
Tax burden


Human health
Quality of Life Public participation


Pollution prevention
Climate protection
Precautionary action
Habitat preservation

AND… a Well-constructed Sustainability Framework

ELFI locally-structured, with adherence to current global, national, regional and local best-practice sustainability protocol is guaranteed in every initiative, as well as, additional attention in providing “better-than” sustainability practice, wherever and whenever possible.

We maintain a disciplined, but comprehensive, sustainability framework, based upon the directives and recommendations of many organizations, such as the OECD, the European Commission and most importantly the Country Ministries and Departments of our specific “country of engagement”, as are required, in real-time, as this is a rapidly changing world. As stated previously, final determination of EXACT FRAMEWORK is successfully defined when careful analysis of each “region” is complete, including locally-based attention to detail.

Our current sustainability beginning framework may start with the 1997 outcome of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol, which established legally binding targets for developed and developing nations to reduce GHG emissions; however, we integrate many other protocol, required or more rigid, where applicable, equitable, feasible and possible.

ELFI is flexible and open to creative and mutually advantageous business structure or design for the shared-goal of economic development, job and career creation, and establishment of successful ELFI Businesses, with customized local, legal structure – e.g.: Joint Ventures (JV), Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), direct licensing… all with ELFI Technology and Expertise Transfer for any qualified partner, anywhere in the world.

Humanity is at the center of the ELFI high-performance promise, and all present and future goals are focused on improving the human conditions.