Substantive Solutions

Customized Substantive Solutions

ELFI enables all income levels globally with a solution to the problem of energy-efficiency, health, wellness and safety within high-integrity structures that are easy and fast to build, yet affordable and with the highest possible Return-on-Investment (ROI).

ELFI manufactures a NEW BREED of integrated construction materials – pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, light-weight, highly energy-efficient, easy and fast field erection, hurricane/earthquake resistant, recycled and recyclable materials, environmentally friendly, minimal use of concrete, reduced CO₂ emissions, and compliance with the Paris Climate Accord. In construction terms, we are focus on an exterior building envelope – load-bearing exterior walls, light-gauge steel floor joists and composite floor deck, load bearing and insulated roofing panels and/or light-gauge steel roofing trusses. All load-bearing components are light-gauge, galvanized steel profiles, instead of concrete or traditional stick-built design.

As ELFI makes a building far lighter with these products, it has far-reaching, money and time saving benefits, with a multitude of sustainable benefits and outcomes. Notably, each building’s foundations are smaller and consume less concrete materials. A building shell (envelope) is erected much faster, with mechanicals already engineered prior to manufacturing, and these provisions for electric, plumbing installation are completed during manufacturing. Buildings built with ELFI have 40-60% reduction of energy needs for heating and cooling. Integrating solar panels, we become “Net-Zero Energy” capable, with a few additional steps.

Our business model, approach and method collectively establish “technology with expertise and experience transfer”. We are not selling a product in the traditional sense. We teach and train the latest, most advanced, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing and construction technology. With this technology, and with local labor and materials that are sourced from LOCAL suppliers, structures are built faster, energy-efficient, minimizing waste and improving profits and ROIYES, “significantly”, Rapid-Build Technology means Rapid-to-Occupancy (RTO), which equals faster Return-on-Investment (ROI), all while establishing superior structural integrity.

Think retail… faster to market, energy-efficiency, with tremendous structural integrity, and faster ROI.  If you are a building a new Starbuck’s for example, you will be serving your first cup of coffee in less than half the time of traditional construction.  AND, weatherized by design with the two primary materials being steel and EPS, there is never an issue with termites, mold, mildew, or warping, as well as, there is no ozone-depletion associated with any project in any global location.  Further, in any the geographic location, ELFI utilization of EPS and its radiant heat reflectability properties, the ELFI system will exceed performance of any building techniques currently in use anywhere, maximizing energy-efficiency which results in significant cost-reduction.

ELFI focuses on three major activities in Real-Estate Development / Construction Industry: First, are those who buy our customized components and expertise to utilize in their construction projects – ELFI manufactured components directly supplied to a construction site.  Second, are domestic & international entrepreneurs or companies who want to develop their own ELFI-based manufacturing business to produce and market ELFI products and integrate ELFI construction systems in their construction activities – ELFI manufacturing license, complete and comprehensive set-up and training anywhere in the world. Finally, it is an urban/master planning – 21st century demands traffic gridlock elimination, energy-efficiency/conservation, creation of “smart cities” on every income level of society.

ELFI is business flexible and will offer customized legal, local operational structures – Joint Ventures (JV), Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), direct licensing… We remain flexible and open to creative and mutually advantageous business structures or design, for the shared goal of bilateral economic development and establishment of successful ELFI business, on a global basis. All programs include technology transfer, and operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and in-field training, with every qualified partner, anywhere in the world.