Integrative Systems

Technology, New Products and Integrative Systems

ELFI systems combine structural, load-bearing steel framing and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation into one product (stand-alone building envelope or as a comprehensive system base).  With energy-efficiency foremost, ELFI’s integrative component-based, system of products, methods and processes are state-of-the-art in the green-building construction market, and ELFI Systems are integratable with all efficiency-focused advanced technologies, products and systems, as well as, all conventional methods when necessary. 

Integrative Systems:

  1. ELFI exterior wall and roofing system is of light-gauge steel with high-performance, load-bearing profiles and integrated with light-gauge steel floor joist systems and light-gauge steel roofing trusses. This, in turn, makes:

    • The entire structure lighter (7-12 times) compared to block (CMU) construction.
    • Lowers, lightens demands on concrete foundation by approximately one-third.
    • The entire exterior envelope is of non-combustive materials.
    • Our steel is 40-70% recycled content, and after the life of a structure is 100% recyclable.
    • Lightweight means lower transportation costs, easier and safer working environment, and no need for heavy lifting equipment or specialty trades.
  3. Light-gauge steel floor joists are assembled with metal pan (same i-v applies here) and lightweight, self-leveling cementitious products. In a four-season climate these floors could be embedded with radiant, in-floor heating (highly energy-efficient and the most comfortable).
  4. Light-gauge steel roofing trusses could be designed for extreme conditions (hurricanes, tornados, heavy winds, micro-bursts, brush and fire resistance ratings, earthquake…).
  5. Over the years ELFI exterior envelopes have proven 40-60% reduction in energy needs for HVAC. This could be further reduced by solar panels installations, as one example:   ELFI utilizes solar panels in two ways – producing, storing and consuming DC electric power and heating water for potable use and enhancing heating capabilities.
  6. There are several finishing products which further simplify, enhance and make the building process faster and more economical.  Additionally, exterior finishes such as concrete stain is high quality, a durable material, and facilitates endless desirable aesthetics. With roofing, new, advanced spray-on roofing finishes provide a long lifespan, are toxic, and non-flammable.  These are only a couple of examples of ELFI flexibility, integrate-ability, efficiencies and high-performance.

ELFI materials and components are established and sustainable construction items. ELFI configuration, integration, process and methodology provide high-performance for every project, from basic design to net/near-zero to absolute zero-energy structures for parameters of any scope, every time.