George Modrovic

Founder, President, Innovator, Engineering Integrator

Mr. Modrovic is a proven planner, innovator and engineering integrator in the green building and energy-efficiency space for decades. Exceptional and peerless at integrating complex energy-efficient technology into practical and sensible high-impact product systemization, resulting in positive global implications.
Having over 35 years of experience in management and business development in the U.S. and internationally, George is a quintessential innovator whose far and forward-thinking approach to planning, engineering and technology is manifest in ELFI’s energy-efficient, integrated systems which provide state-of-the-art, new-breed, building solutions: From single-family homes and affordable
housing, to assisted living communities, to resort development, to La Fleur ELFI, and more.
George Modrovic holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Slovak Institute of Technology. He has continued his education in the U.S. through advanced studies in economics, sales, management and urban planning. He has a broad technical background that includes mechanical design, concept development, manufacturing, testing, and implementation and execution.


Under George’s tireless leadership, ELFI’s systems and solutions have proven their INTEGRATIVE CAPABILITIES, SUSTAINABLE ADVANTAGES and ENERGY-EFFICIENT BENEFITS to dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the construction industry since 2002. Through George’s direction, ELFI has provided direct, positive, technological impact within the energy-efficient, green- building and sustainable development building sector providing leading-edge, integrated systems and solutions. ELFI’s unique approach, process and methodology are a compilation of George’s expertise and experience that many try to emulate, but none can replicate.

Eric Kocsis

Business Strategy, Development and Optimization

Mr. Kocsis is a U.S. and International business strategy, development, optimization, and marketing executive. Utilizing a specialized approach, process, method system for business and operational optimization, Mr. Kocsis applies this system for the benefit of ELFI Strategic Partnerships and communities of engagement, alike. Focused on community development, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, trade and international operations, communities and countries can realize the far-reaching advantages of ELFI establishment at their location.

Mr. Kocsis’ team provides extensive knowledge and experience with the development of strategic relationships that will enable socio-economic growth and skilled labor creation through full utilization of all resources available, as it pertains to international, national, state, local and tribal community development. Understanding international, national, local, corporate, social and political cultures, Mr. Kocsis has developed successful plans for complete mobilization of comprehensive capabilities and resources which are engaged in order to facilitate economic advancement through strategic partnerships and alliances with, and for, the institutions, organizations, corporations or companies of shared vision and initiative, to achieve a maximum unified and cohesive comprehensive benefit.   

Mr. Kocsis’ responsibilities include business analysis and development, and strategic and tactical planning.  Mr. Kocsis, a forward-thinking visionary and optimizer who quickly ascertains and develops an efficient and effective course of action, further engages as facilitator and optimizer in the public and private sector alike, domestically and internationally.  Mr. Kocsis is chartered with driving ELFI U.S. and global growth and expansion initiatives, design and planning through implementation and execution.

Gustavo Hernandez

Production Management

Mr. Hernandez’s is a highly-skilled and exemplary craftsman, process and efficiency optimizer, shop leader, supervisor and trainer.  Bilingual for english and Spanish, Mr. Hernandez is an invaluable colleague and has a key leadership role for business development in our Spanish-speaking markets, as well as, all U.S. and international markets. Mr. Hernandez’s additional focus is on employee growth, development, education, and opportunity creation.

George Tuhowski


Mr. Tuhowski’s commercial construction and operational saavy, and as an executive and US Green Council Board Chair and a respected leader in sustainable development community, has been long proven through his leadership and building industry leading teams for complex projects.  Mr. Tuhowski’s expertise and guidance ensures sustainability, profitability, and health and environmentally responsible initiatives with every project, as well as, having a strong focus on education, advocacy and collaboration.

Adam Cisek


Mr. Cisek’s responsibilities include financial modeling and the development of domestic and international manufacturing and licensing parameters; financing and the development of innovative financial modeling for new partnerships; U.S. and international compliance; customized planning, growth strategy, development and branding for new strategic partnerships, U.S. and internationally; business development and strategy, systems and technology, and operations and marketing.

Vratislav Lehotsky

Information Technology

Mr. Lehotsky’s team facilitates and optimizes all IT-related areas, including security, development, and digital strategy, economy and marketing. Mr. Lehotsky ensures the bridge, integration and blending of ELFI vision, company goals and organizational mission from the business perspective and transforms this through business-technology convergence into a sustainably effective, productive and profitable digital action plan for ELFI, and for ELFI’s Strategic Partnerships.