Energy-efficiency, simplified.


Eco-nomically and Environmentally Responsible

Integrated and Sustainable Engineering



Factory and Operations Establishment

Innovative Building Technology Simplified: 

Responsible, Efficient & Effective for All Geographic and Socio-Economic Needs

We produce the ELFI shop drawings (CAD) and structural document needed for each project. We could recommend an architect with ELFI experience.

We work with the architects, builders, and end-users to ensure customization of each wall panel and roofing section

We conduct in-field visits as needed to ensure accuracy and completeness of major orders

We produce roofing panels and wall panels in our own manufacturing facilities

We ensure effective training or guidance, if needed, for installation crews

We have completed a number of successful projects, including single-family homes, shopping centers, condominiums, and other specialty buildings

ELFI Wall System

We began in 2002 as a manufacturer of steel-studded, pillsprefabricated walls.

Within a year we expanded our market focus by integrating other high-performance, superior insulation products into our offering.

This enabled us to create a tight exterior building envelope that surpasses our competitors by a wide margin.

We now combine ICF – Insulated Concrete Forms with light-gauge steel floor joists, ELFI exterior walls, light-gauge steel roofing trusses, radiant-barrier insulation and other products.

With this combination, we custom-build commercial, residential, and industrial structures with the highest energy efficiency ratings (HVAC) available. Combining ELFI’s technologies with alternative energy sources (geo-thermal, solar, and wind), enables us to construct a true zero-energy home – today, not far off in the future.


Demand for ELFI’s building technology has crossed our borders and we now work with partners in Asia, Africa, and Central America to design and build manufacturing/assembly plants in-country, enabling real estate and construction entrepreneurs to import ELFI technology to their countries.

We design and procure the needed equipment, we assist with site selection, we design and supervise construction of the facility, and we train the managers and employees.

3D FlatRoof

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3D PitchedRoof

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